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K-12 Data Task Force

The K-12 Data Task Force is a committee that advises the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) on data collection policies and practices and the use of data in schools. The committee is made up of legislators, representatives of some school occupations, and parents of students.

The OPI is seeking applicants to fill openings on the K12 Data Task Force. The membership of the task force is specified in 20-7-105, MCA, to make sure representation from teachers, administrators and parents from both rural and urban schools are included on the task force. The last meeting was held November 16, 2016.

Meeting Minutes, November 16, 2016
K-12 Task Force Membership

The K-12 Data Task Force was created by the 2013 Montana Legislature through the adoption of 20-7-104, MCA. The purpose of the task force is stated in the statute:

The superintendent of public instruction shall continually work in consultation with the K-12 data task force provided for in 20-7-105 to analyze the best options for a statewide data system that will best enhance the ability of school districts to use data for the purposes identified in this section. Emphasis must be placed on developing or purchasing and customizing a statewide data system that promotes and preserves community ownership and local control and that incorporates innovative technologies available in the marketplace that may be in use and that are successfully working in other states.The office of public instruction and the K-12 data task force shall collaborate to enhance the statewide data system to support:

  1. the needs of school districts in using data to improve instruction and student performance;
  2. the collection of data from schools through a process that provides for automated conversion of data from systems already in use by school districts or the office of public instruction and that resolves the repetition of data entry and redundancy of data requested that has been characteristic of the data system in the past and that otherwise reduces the diversion of district staff time away from instruction and supervision;
  3. increased use of data from the centralized system by various functions within the office of public instruction; and
  4. transparency in reporting to schools, school districts, communities, and the public.
Statutes Creating the K-12 Data Task Force
MCA 20-7-104 Transparency and public availability of public school performance data reporting availability for timely use to improve instruction
MCA 20-7-105 K-12 Data Task Force
  Listing of Districts with Classifications

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